Organizational Charts using javascript

I needed to draw organizational charts for an intranet, containing both vertical and horizontal connected, clickable, multi colored siblings. As flexilibity was important, exported Visio drawings were not an option.
Searching the internet, I found many javascript solutions, none of them fully providing all the functionality I needed, so I wrote some javascript myself. The setup is based on the chartcode provided by google.

If you need to draw this kinds of charts, you can use my code for free for non-commercial use. Please check the instructions and samples page.

You can download my orgchart.js with this link.
You can download the excanvas script for IE compatibility by Google. If you trust me, you can use the version used by this page.

If you're going to use this code, I appreciate it if you send me a small mail message. My address is: jvloenen (AT) xs4all (DOT) nl.